BlinkPack Awards


The bright-eyed, bushy-tailed BlinkPacking Blog team respects and admires those who embrace freedom, pursue adventure, and tell the tale in a compelling manner. Blogging is everyone’s game lately, but only a few play it with skill and finesse.

We created the BlinkPack Travel Blog award to honor the creme de la blogosphere. We impart the award to those storytellers and sojourners that inspire us to travel better, write better, live better, and stretch our wings. Awards are given subjectively and shamelessly according to our biases and preferences. So be it we suppose, because we see no other way.

Unlike other scammy awards that are thinly veiled ploys for the giver to back link their own site, the BlinkPack Travel Blog Award is meant to honor the recipient and not the giver. There are no ‘rules’ to follow, no requests for return links, no ‘pay it forward’ chain-letter schemes. The award is simply a tip of the hat to those tip top traveling typists and the often thankless work of transporting readers to a faraway place.

If you have won a BlinkPack Travel Blog Award, we will feature a quick bio about your blog right here at as well as a link to your blog. We expect nothing in return. Please feel free to copy the image above and place it on your blog if you like. No worries if not. Just enjoy the free back-link and bump in traffic. Cheers to you!


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