Back on the highway

Shasta Adventure 2014

Those of you along for the ride in 2013 will remember long posts from a road adventure to the far reaches of America. Well, my family of three is headed out tomorrow for another such adventure.

Still rocking the 2003 Honda Element, now with 233,000 miles on the original engine and tranny. Still towing the 10′ Shasta Compact from 1969. Still roaming the USA without much of a plan. Still trying to work from anywhere with a wifi signal.

So what’s changed? Well, I spent so much time on the last trip trying to keep up with social media — admittedly to prove what a good time I was having — that I often forgot to smell the roses and soak in the small moments.

So, dear reader, please know that you are welcome and wanted on this journey as well. Instead of lengthy essays, you will find brief updates and posts right here on the BlinkPack blog, along with a ‘Photo of the Day’ shared on Instagram and synced to Facebook.

So slap on that seatbelt and get ready to ride. Cheers!

Photo of the day here:

BlinkPack is on Facebook:

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