Holy Cadillac

Cadillac Ranch

Somewhere past Amarillo, a dusty Texas field is barely distinguishable from the scrubby monotony stretching for hundreds of miles along the echoey Interstate 40 corridor. Except that there are seven automobiles protruding from it. Not unlike a pod of playful whales, the 1960s vintage Cadillacs seem to leap from a sea of scrubby, brown crabgrass, perfectly synchronized at the sublime angle of 78 degrees.

Located on private land, visitors are welcome to trod through a pasture gate for an encounter with the sculptural mystery and even tacitly invited to adorn the cars with their own spray-painted creations.

Causing equal parts inspiration, furrowed brows, glee, and chin-scratches, the exhibit has drawn international attention. Alongside throngs of curious passers-by, Cadillac ranch has attracted countless television commercials, weddings, and even loony religious gatherings to its hallowed grounds.

This BlinkPacker does not rank Cadillac Ranch among the most epic of American destinations. But the giggle-worthy vision of General Motors protruding from the earth is among the best fifteen-minute diversions one will find along the endless stretches of north Texas freeway.

And don’t forget to stop first at the Amarillo Ace Hardware for your favorite color of spray paint.

Have you been to the Cadillac Ranch? What was your impression of it? Did you add to the living artwork in some way?

One thought on “Holy Cadillac

  1. whoa that looks crazy! can’t believe we drove past it so many times and never stopped to see it. i guess on our next cross country trip.. probably the one going back to atlanta.

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