Tunes for the Road – Freshly Paved

Tunes for the Road

“So grab the wheel and keep holding it tight”

Vampire Weekend is one of those bands that you think you have pegged with each album, only to surprise you with the next. Their newest effort, Modern Vampires of the City, takes the previous sound established on their first two albums and just continues to add to the diversity and surprise in new ways.

Though not my favorite song from the group, “Diane Young” is probably the most fun, while still tacking some serious issues (something they do often and well on MVotC). And, most importantly for this blog, it’s a really great tune to sing along with behind the wheel.

Song: Diane Young
Band: Vampire Weekend

Tim is a husband, father, International Media Producer, list-taker, and music lover currently residing in Atlanta. He’s been really tired lately. Check back here most Wednesdays for more Tunes for the Road. And check out his personal blog here

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