Photo essay: Texola


Somewhere (read: everywhere) between the smallish metropolis of Oklahoma City and the smallish metropolis of Amarillo, Texas lies, well, not much. I knew this before we took to this stretch of I-40, but, I was not prepared for just how beautiful nothing can be.

Our campground was not exactly in the town of Texola… it was the town of Texola. Aside from farmland and empty fields, the commerce at the end of the offramp included three sets of vintage, working gas pumps, a convenience mart, a restaurant (closed every Monday), and an overnight RV parking lot with 16 gravel spaces.

With tornadoes wreaking havoc a mere 50 miles east of us, we enjoyed a dry, windy night without incident and headed toward Amarillo, Texas after breaking camp. Here are a few shots, all steps from our gravel pad.









My family is currently traveling around the USA in a 10 foot Shasta Compact travel trailer from 1969. We are currently camped in Texola, OK and headed toward New Mexico. Keep it right here for tales from the journey, and please also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nothing keeps us motivated more than the encouragement of hearing from our readers, so please keep in touch by commenting below. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Photo essay: Texola

  1. Josh – I really love your images. Your branding is so consistent with the blinkpack logo on every photo, and that map is great. I wish our designers at work came back to us with something like that. You make me want to take a graphic design class to improve my blog.

    • Thank you so much! I can tell you have a good eye from your blog. It would really just be a matter of learning the software. Lots of great ways to do that. You could pick up an older version of Photoshop from eBay, and you could go to a site like for video tutorials. Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!

    • That is exactly right. With even a basic digital camera in hand (I shoot with an iPhone 4S), it is amazing how much there is to notice in a place like this. The fun of this trip is slowing down enough to notice.

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