Tunes for the Road – Death Cab For Cutie, “Transatlanticism”

Tunes for the Road

“I need you so much closer”

I have a two year old son. I may have mentioned this in previous posts, but one thing that I love to share with him is music. It warms my heart to see him marching around the house, pretending to be a drummer; or to see him point at our record player and ask for “Jack White.”

As a newborn, music seemed to have this magical quality of calming him down during any crying outbreak. It was almost universal. However, as he’s aged, it’s had less of an effect on him (as much as he enjoys it).

Until a few weeks ago.

For the most part, when Liam wakes up in the morning, he’s generally in a pretty good mood. But there are time where he’s just grumpy. And during those times it doesn’t make him any happier to pull him over to is changing table instead of to his mother.

As a last-ditch idea, I pulled his attention to the music playing in his room, explaining to him what was happening, describing the different instruments that were playing to form the melody.

And he just went silent. Once the song ended, he looked at me and asked, “Next one?”

We sat in his room listening to music for nearly an hour. Just listening. It was a simple but special time for both of us.

This is the song that started it all. He calls it the “Come On” song, and actually sings the chorus now.

Song: “Transatlanticism”

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie

Perfect For: Late night trips, travels with a significant other

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