“When we go home Daddy? Seven days? Eight?” A pause. “Nine? When Daddy? When we go?”

I was busy putting a little bike grease onto the squeaky hinges of our Shasta’s main closet, and I almost missed the importance of the question being asked.

We have been gone for less than a week — far too short to even qualify as a big vacation, let alone an epic road trip around the United States. J.’s question came because he was trying to get his bearings — gain some parameters for understanding why all of his routines just faded in the rearview and when they may be returning.

As his question sank in, I realized I am feeling the same. The split-level Brady special in Atlanta is nothing more than bricks, framing, and carpets. My family is with me, and that makes the three of us right at home wherever we happen to find ourselves. However, I miss a stable desk for my computer. I miss the wifi buffet. I miss the bikes. I miss the thick Sealy mattress. I miss streaming Netflix on my phone. I miss adjoining bathrooms.

But it is good to miss these things. I have spent too long surrounding myself with comfort and minimizing pain. Suburban living can be somewhat of an opiate, and nobody is meant to meander through life anesthetized and numb.

So we journey on, uncertain of much, but thankful for the road ahead and the lessons as we roll along.

Writing today from Beaumont, Texas, where not much seems to be going on. I couldn’t find anything to photograph — hence the recycled shot from Mississippi earlier this week. Coming attractions: Galveston, Houston, San Antonio, Austin. Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “House-sick

    • Nice. I’m in Beaumont at the present moment, and I too find myself wondering, “Where the heck is Beaumont?” Thankfully better destinations lie ahead. Thanks for the link and the laugh. Cheers.

  1. There will be some shitty destinations on your travels,but you will also experience some amazing things (like catchhing that little fishywith a little piece of corn and a bent old hook, or seeing live Zydeco). My dad always told me that while it is nice to come home, nothing changes!!!! YOu get home, love it for half a day and think, well, shit. Is that it? I’m home. Now what. Wish I was back on the road again! Grab this amazing opportunity with both hands and drink from the cup of life like there is no tomorrow. You will look back on this trip as one of the best times of your life – and so will your son. I promise you. When I was nine,my folks took my sis and I on holiday to Europe. We remember bits and pieces but it was an amazing, fantastic adventure that, despite some ups and downs, we would not have had any other way. Don’t be scared to follow road signs to interesting sounding destinations, to go off the beaten track and see what lies beyond. My sis and I discovered the Tennessee Jack Daniels Distillery like this (saw a road sign), some place where you can see nine different states all at the one time(with it’s typcial American cheese and a giant Mother Goose thrown in for good measure) – heck, Australia only hase SEVEN states in total!!! you get my point. I gotta go walk the dog now, but don’t give up!!!! 😀

    p.s. I just bought a USA travel guide book today to start planning my own adventures!!!!!

  2. LOVE this. Thank you for the encouragement. I am on board with everything you are saying here. Even in the toughest moments, I know that I am experiencing the best of life — an opportunity about which most only daydream. We’re sticking with it for sure. The US is a stellar place for road tripping. Even the middle of nowhere is chock-full of fun things to see, do, taste, and experience — if you are willing to get a little creative and stay flexible. So we press on — well, after the wiring short on the trailer gets fixed (hopefully today). Cheers!

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