Good old Benjamin Franklin


Bullets of rain pelted the metal roof as webs of lightning illuminated our ’69 Shasta’s interior with flashes of purple-white glow. Billows of wind sent tremors through the trailer’s petite frame and the thunderous precipitation boomed through its thin wooden walls like a 747.

We are in Texas now, where everything is bigger — including the storms. The three of us lay there motionless, waiting for the next big crack of thunder to clap while comforting ourselves with the notion that in event of a lightning strike, the tall, girthy RVs surrounding us would likely take the hit. I was scared, and though she wasn’t letting on, I think Margaret was a little frightened too.

Not much sleeping went on during those wee hours, but morning finally broke, and like clockwork, J. announced that he was ready to get up at 7:00 am sharp. I wriggled him down from the top bunk and placed him in the bed with us, retrieved a book of his from the cabinet, and settled back in for a morning read.

Margaret reached over to flick the light on. Nothing. We twisted the bulb to be sure it was screwed in. It was. We tried the other fixtures. Checked the fridge too. Zip. No power. I glanced out the window, and there were the aforementioned tall, girthy trailers, windows aglow and clearly powered up.

The short of it? A short. Maybe it was the soaking rain that hammered the final nail into the external outlet’s coffin. Perhaps a surge of electricity did the damage. Either way, our plans of working through the morning and trucking on down to Galveston quickly faded.

We drove the trailer seven miles down the road to Long’s Trailer Repair Shop, where it still sits at this present moment. Looks like we will be getting to spend some quality time in the town of Beaumont while we wait this one out.

It was good old Benjamin Franklin who gained notoriety for flying a kite into a lightning storm. And now in an icky twist of irony, last night’s electrical display has us spending a Benjamin or two at the repair shop.

I ask J. all the time to be flexible, and days like today help me to realize that request is sometimes a tall order.

UPDATE: Thanks to Long’s Trailer Repair, the power has been restored. We are still camped in Beaumont tonight, but we are in staying our own space, and thankfully will be rolling along tomorrow. Thanks for cheering us on.

4 thoughts on “Good old Benjamin Franklin

  1. Ohhhhh dear I hope Beaumont is a nice place. Where will you be staying whilst stranded in Beaumont? At least the car still goes!

  2. I shouldn’t need to tell you that Youtube has some good D.I.Y. instructional vid.s that can save you a Benny. I am guessing the parts were the lesser part of the bill. Good to hear that your back on the road!

    • Indeed. It should have been a DIY job, but miles from home with only a wrench, a screwdriver, and duct tape sent me running to the nearest shop. Maybe I’ll bring more tools next time. Thanks!

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