Home Away


This is it. Only a few more days of the comfortable 1970s Brady-suburban life for my family and me until we take our home and work on the road for, well, maybe three days, and maybe three months. Hoping for the latter and bracing for the former, we have been fiddling away with our 1969 Shasta Compact for months. From the simple — researching and purchasing enamelware dish sets, to the handy — installing a series of plywood shelves in the surprisingly ample closet, to the downright confounding — wrangling a ducted air conditioner into an empty cabinet below the stove, we think she is finally ready.

We will be blogging as we roll, and we hope you will keep it right here for all of the haps and mishaps along the way. To begin, I thought you may enjoy the grand tour (which, considering the trailer is 10’x6′, takes all of ten seconds).


When you step through the door, 5,000 aftermarket BTUs are blasting to keep you cool, courtesy of a wrangled install by yours truly.


A bunk drops down from the ceiling. J. is 3.5 years old, and this will be his ‘room’. The holes in the side are actually recessed bolts. I fashioned a safety rail out of painted 1×2 that holds in place with wing screws and uninstalls for travel.


The Shasta Compact has a surprising amount of storage, especially after I fashioned some shelving for the second closet.


A view of the kitchen from the bedroom. The blue light switch controls a seven inch fan that vents the discharged heat from the air conditioner through a duct and out of the trailer.


The u-shaped couch converts into a mostly-comfy double bed.


This table stows away for sleeping and safe traveling. Two coats of spray paint plus two passes of satin clear coat give the tabletop a vintage formica feel.


She’s a dimply old lady, but we love our ‘Stella’, and are looking forward to spending some quality time together touring the great US of A.

8 thoughts on “Home Away

    • Thanks so much. I am definitely feeling a little nervous as the trip nears. I have never worked remotely like this, and sharing life with two other people in the space of 60 square feet has me a little jittery. It is so nice to know that good folks like you are cheering us on. Stay tuned for regular updates as we roll along. Cheers!

  1. Oh how jealous am I! I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve said to my hubby “when the house sells, we should get a camper and travel Australia.” You will have a BLAST of a time, I’m sure, and J will obtain a wealth of experience on the road. I can’t wait to hear your travel tales. xo

    • What a great note — thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you will check back and follow our progress. I hope our adventure will encourage you to do the same. And perhaps sooner than later. Seize the moment and enjoy the ride. Cheers!

  2. Stella looks great! Happy traveling! We’re finally leaving tomorrow morning for a much needed getaway with out trailer. Funny how one goes through withdrawal! Safe travels and I look forward to reading about your adventure!

  3. What a great little camper! I love the mods you did. We took a cross country trip several years ago pulling our 27 foot trailer. We have nine kids so there was 11 of us traveling for 35 days. We had one major melt-down day on day 30 (my hubby!) but the rest of the trip was utterly amazing. We all have fond memories of the trip. Happy camping!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Your trip sounds much more challenging than ours. I really admire your sense of adventure and your ability to get out there with your whole family. Well done!

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