Rise ‘n Dine


The daily grind feels more like a belt sander. The cubicle walls press in, invoking a quiet, gray sort of vertigo. The elation of Friday evening buckles into a trough of depression by the time Sunday evening rolls around.

It is time for a great breakfast… during the work day. That’s correct. You owe it to yourself to call in a case of adult-onset chicken pox and head out to the highest rated brunch dive on Yelp.

Once a year or so, I shuffle over to Decatur for a relaxed cup of coffee and honestly good food at the Rise n’ Dine. The whitewashed, airy room is a beautiful antidote to the stuffy office desk cluster. The pancakes are stellar, the coffee, brisk. The waitstaff, adorned with funky, horn-rimmed specs. The brief moment away, infinitely better than the alternative.

What is your Rise n’ Dine? Where do you go to blow off a few hours of responsibility and enjoy a taste of life instead? Next time I am in your city, I want to check it out for myself.





4 thoughts on “Rise ‘n Dine

  1. Breakfast?! My favorite meal! I would have to suggest Luna Park Cafe nestled under the West Seattle Bridge. It’s carnival-themed decor echoes a time before the bridge when Luna Park was a theme park much like the Santa Monica Pier is today. The menu offers a section where the items can be served one of three ways. An omlette, a Pile and a Hobo. A Pile is everything on top of the hash browns, a Hobo is a scramble and the omlette is well, an omlette. đŸ™‚ also local beers on tap if Hair-of-the-dog is required;)

    • Thanks for the note Eron. Luna Park Cafe sounds amazing. There is a decent chance we will find ourselves out that way soon. We head out Friday in our vintage 1969 Shasta for a crazy road trip. I hope you will check back for updates about our progress, and I will let you know if I make it to Seattle. Cheers!

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