The New York Minute


Long before the battalion of gourmand-friendly food trucks came barreling down the city’s byways, New Yorkers have been grabbing quick bites from humble nosh carts, perched on nearly every corner in the city. The obligatory baked piles of pretzels and steamed hotdogs are still there, but skewered, marinated chicken and lamb kabobs, fluffy knish pockets, gyro wraps, and falafel pockets now line the iron cooking grates as well. And for a hot treat on a blustery day, grab a paper sack of toasty roasted chestnuts. For under four bucks, you will walk away full in less than five minutes. It’s a BlinkPacker’s paradise.

Each ‘minute’ post brings you a mere taste of the very best of BlinkPacking in the United States. Want to see your city featured in the ‘minute’ series? Send us an idea in the comments below. The ‘minute’ series is brought to you by a tired, overworked, stressed-out guy who would rather be traveling and blogging along the way.

4 thoughts on “The New York Minute

  1. I can’t pass through the city without grabbing at least a knish. By the way, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You are so good at staying in touch, and it really keeps me motivated. Cheers!

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