Tunes for the Road – Joe Purdy, “Wash Away”

Tunes for the Road

“I got troubles oh, but not today / Cause they’re gonna wash away”

Happy birthday, Josh!

Today is the birthday of my good friend (and creator of this blog) Josh. If you go looking for the word “Blinkpack” in the dictionary, or Google it to see where it originated — as I did upon first discovering this site, you’ll quickly find that this all comes from Josh. Blinkpacking sounds like something that should be common vernacular among travel groups – one of those terms that is fresh and exciting, but sounds tried and true.

It’s brand new, but sounds very familiar. Like you have known the term for years now.

That’s just one of the many terrific things about Josh — he is a very thoughtful and creative person, able to really explore ideas in pretty ingenious ways. It’s always a great opportunity to brainstorm with him, to work out problems and seek solutions.

Tonight he and his awesome wife will be headed to New Orleans on a special Blinkpack trip of their own. This tune is for you guys. Here’s to a great trip!

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