BlinkPack Travel Blog Award: Where’s My Backpack?


The BlinkPack Travel Blog award honors the creme de la travel-blogosphere. The award is imparted to those storytellers and sojourners that inspire us to travel better, write better, live better, and stretch our wings. So join us in enjoying some of the best travel and adventure blogs we have come across. And who knows… your blog may just be the next winner.

Award Recipient: Where’s My Backpack
Favorite Quote: “…Anyone who tries to tell you it’s a small world hasn’t tried to see it all.”

Ailsa keeps an inspiring blog called Where’s My Backpack, a blog documenting her adventures though effective prose, raw photography and captivating travel themes. Of course Ailsa’s writing is always thoughtful and well-crafted, but what keeps us coming back is her ability to weave a story together through words and photos, handily transporting us to this corner of the world or that and whetting our appetites for eventual explorations. A visit always makes us want to throw a few belongings in our own packs and head for the nearest airport.

Congratulations Ailsa, and hats off to you. We wish you all the best with your travels and blogging. Cheers!

More information about the BlinkPack Travel Award here.

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