Photo Essay: Railroads and Typography


By trade, I am a graphic designer and am fascinated by signage and typography. In my spare time, I have an avid interest in public transportation — and specifically, rail transit seems to scratch me where I itch.

Needless to say, entering the grand hall of the Strasburg Railway Museum made me feel like a giddy schoolboy. I was fascinated by the typography specimens in the museum, which are at once perfectly functional and strikingly beautiful. The artifacts are evidence of a foregone day when artisanal sign painters, unaided by Adobe Illustrator, could churn out perfect letter forms in striking color arrangements, all readable from great distances. I had a little fun with the Canon SLR and thought I would share the fruit of my viewfinder on the BlinkPacking blog today.

Railfan or not, the Strasburg Railway Museum is a worthy stop on a trip through Pennsylvania. Its collectors and curators have meticulously restored hundreds of engines, passenger carriages, and freight trucks to their original luster, and all are presented in a climate-controlled room that is clean as a whistle — all luxuries by rail museum standards. Enjoy.










2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Railroads and Typography

    • Hi Kelly. Thanks so much for your thoughts. The notion of train travel is a poetic one for sure. I happen to be a little nutty about train travel; I am especially touched that though you are not you still took time to comment. People like you are the reason I keep this blog going — you made my day. I wish you all the best with your travels. Cheers!

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