Tunes for the Road – CeeLo Green (feat. The Muppets), “All I Need Is Love”

Tunes for the Road

Hear me out.

I’m hoping these next few weeks of Christmas tunes (much like the blog has been in the past) will be a good mix of the old and new; the tried and true of the genre, as well as some new tunes that, if not classics, are fun for the moment.

Enter one of those songs. CeeLo released a Christmas album a couple months back, and so far this has been the reigning single. It’s got a great beat, a fun music video, and MUPPETS.

Crank this up during your next commute — I guarantee this will get stuck in your head.

Do you have any current Christmas favorites?

Tim is a husband, father, nomad, and International Media Producer, currently residing in Atlanta. When he’s not spending time with his family or friends, you can usually find him behind a camera or listening to music or podcasts (and lately, trying to write and re-write this pesky bio). Check back here each Wednesday for more Tunes for the Road. And check out his personal blog here


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