Tunes For the Road – NoiseTrade Mix

Tunes for the Road

I don’t need to remind you how many days there are until Christmas. It’s not many. You’ve got only a few weeks to crank up the holiday jams before the holidays are over with.

Although during the month of December I plan on sharing some of my favorite seasonal road tunes, NoiseTrade has generously offered a free 28 song holiday road trip mix. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page, like them, and download away! You won’t be disappointed, there are numerous full albums and EPs available for free.

I’ve posted a couple of my favorites below, but please let me know which songs you find the most intriguing!

Guster – “Do You Love Me”

Green River Ordinance – “Where the West Wind Blows”

How about you? Did you have any favorites on this mix?

Tim is a husband, father, nomad, and International Media Producer, currently residing in Atlanta. When he’s not spending time with his family or friends, you can usually find him behind a camera or listening to music or podcasts (and lately, trying to write and re-write this pesky bio). Check back here each Wednesday for more Tunes for the Road. And check out his personal blog here


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