Tunes for the Road: The Avett Brothers, “I and Love and You”

Tunes for the Road

“so I cut the ties and I jumped the tracks / for never to return”

(Remember that part of the introductory Tunes for the Road post where I wrote that not all road trip songs had to be upbeat? This is the precise song I had in mind while writing that very sentence.)

There are songs in my past where I can remember the time that they became more than a song for me. This tune is one of those.

It was three years ago this exact week. My wife and I were living in Moscow, Russia. She was around three months pregnant, and had been sick her entire pregnancy. Moscow was getting colder and darker, and we were both becoming tired. We missed our friends and family in the U.S. We were stressed out with language study, feeling more and more overwhelmed every day. We needed a break.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we packed some bags, walked to the nearest metro, and headed to the train station. At the station we took the overnight to Tallinn, Estonia to spend the holidays with a couple we had met in the U.S. before leaving.

A little less than two months before, The Avett Brothers released their album I and Love and You. I don’t know what it was about the trip to Estonia, but it wasn’t until Thanksgiving when the title track hit me and would forever meld with the emotions and events of the time. The need for comfort elsewhere–in something familiar, the doubts of what we were doing in Moscow and if it was even worth it, everything just fit.

(Spoiler — we really, really, really love Moscow. So much. This was just a short period of culture shock.)

Not only was this the exact sort of BlinkPack we needed at the moment, but it refreshed us for the harsher winter to come in Moscow. It’s been three years, but I still remember this time, and this song, and I am grateful.

Tallinn and Estonia were fantastic – Europe’s best kept secret. Here’s a video highlighting some of our favorite sites:

What about you? Do you have any songs that remind you of a very specific moment?

Tim is a husband, father, nomad, and International Media Producer, currently residing in Atlanta. When he’s not spending time with his family or friends, you can usually find him behind a camera or listening to music or podcasts (and lately, trying to write and re-write this pesky bio). Check back here each Wednesday for more Tunes for the Road. And check out his personal blog here

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