Squeeze an adventure out of turkey day

Overcooked green beans. Rugrats and toys. Television and snoring old men. Strange uncles with salt and pepper moustaches. Does this sound like the Thanksgiving Day you will be enjoying tomorrow? And can someone get me a gin and tonic? And hurry!

The BlinkPacking blog is here for you, serving up three ways to squeeze a quick adventure into what can be a long burn of a holiday.

Yelp your breakfast
Thanksgiving is all about calories. Why not kick it off with a gargantuan carbo-load? Yelp ’24 hour diner’ and visit the highest-rated establishment long before Aunt Beatrice tries to force-feed you a slice of her asparagus quiche.

Get your chopsticks on
If the bird is carved and served midday, there is a good chance you will be hungry again around six or seven. Did you know that most Chinese restaurants are open on even the most magnanimous of holidays? Fire up Yelp again and jingle on over to a highly-rated joint you have never visited. And while there, try a menu item you have difficulty pronouncing.

Pedal the afternoon away
While everyone is cradling their guts and sinking into couch cushions, dust off the old bicycle and take it for a spin. Even the busiest urban thoroughfares are desolate on holidays, and you will seem to own the city as you whizz through the echoey silence.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy adventures to all of you BlinkPackers out there. Cheers!

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