Travel Tip Tuesday: Megabus and the cheap seats

Todays BlinkPacking travel tip is one of my favorites, because it is one of the best-kept secrets of traveling nearly free. I just booked my birthday trip — a January weekend in New Orleans for my wife and me. How much did two tickets (Megabus, round-trip from Atlanta) cost me? $12.50 total, including booking fees.

Here is how to do it:

Megabus tickets start at a dollar and go up in price as the demand increases and the departure date nears. There are only one or two seats on each trip that sell for a dollar (or a few dollars on longer trips), so the trick is to be the first to make a purchase.

I receive Facebook alerts when Megabus announces the latest available travel dates, and I scurry over to the site to see if I can score big. And every time I do, the cheapest tickets are already sold.

And now, the unwrapping of the enigma:

If you want to score big on cheap Megabus tickets, check their site ( every day. Do not wait until new travel dates are announced. The Megabus office gnomes are quietly and fervently updating the site all the time, and new travel dates are often available for purchase a few days before they are announced to the public.

So smart travelers like me, and now like you, can jetset (well, bus-set anyway) around the USA for a mere pocketful of pennies.

Stay tuned to the BlinkPack blog every Tuesday for more great travel tips, and be sure to check back in December for Chicago highlights and January for the New Orleans lowdown.

Happy travels!

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