Tunes for the Road: The Basics

Tunes for the Road

“I’m a man of means by no means”

Here at the BlinkPack blog, we are excited to not only introduce new tracks to your roadtrip playlist, but also celebrate some of the staples of the genre. This is our first of many installments recognizing those tunes that have kept travelers awake and entertained for miles upon miles.

These two songs are decades old, and both hail from the South – where some of the best road trip tunes reside. They’re the kind of song that we all know and love. The kind of song I’m sure we all have sang at least once or twice while blazing a trail to an unknown land. They remind us that we’re not the first to yearn for the freedom of the open road, and inspire us to never stop moving.

“King of the Road” – Roger Miller, 1965

“On the Road Again,” – Willie Nelson, 1980

Tim is a husband, father, nomad, and International Media Producer, currently residing in Atlanta. When he’s not spending time with his family or friends, you can usually find him behind a camera or listening to music or podcasts (and lately, trying to write and re-write this pesky bio). Check back here each Wednesday for more Tunes for the Road. And check out his personal blog here


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