Photo Essay: Kings Dominion

Fellow BlinkPackers Jake, Rob, and Tim joined me for a whirlwind east coast roller coaster tour. We departed Friday evening, hit Kings Dominion on Saturday, experienced Carowinds on Sunday, and made it back to Atlanta in time to catch some zzz’s before work Monday morning. While I edit photos, do some writing, and recuperate in general, enjoy these shots from the mighty park in Dothwell, Virginia. And stay tuned to the BlinkPack blog for epic tales of the great roller coaster roundup of 2012.


Behold the mighty Hurler. As far as this pathetic 31 year old is concerned, the coaster lives up to its name.


Anaconda snakes through a swamp, looping its riders several times before returning to the station.


Intimidator 305 is hands-down the best ride in the park. We all reported seeing spots from the abundant g-forces.


With 14 coasters, Kings Dominion is arguably the top east coast destination for thrill ride seekers.


An early stand-up coaster, Shockwave is one of the most painful rides in the park.


Anaconda snakes through the swamp at dusk.


Dominator is the longest floorless roller coaster in the world, and perhaps one of the smoothest.

If you have been to Kings Dominion, what was your favorite ride? Do you think it is the best roller coaster park on the east coast?

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