The Great Coaster BlinkPack of 2012

One more day until I point the old Honda Element northward, leaving Atlanta in the rearview. Three friends are joining me for a road trip to remember. Just one more day, and we will be whooping and hollering as we scream down the metal rails, plunge hither and thither, twist this way and that, and lose our lunch on the loops.

That’s right friends, fellow BlinkPackers Rob, Jake, and Tim are coming along for an east coast roller coaster escapade, and we’re not returning home until we survive every thrill ride King’s Dominion (Virginia) and Carowinds (North Carolina) can dish up.

The plan:
Depart Atlanta Friday Night
Drive through the night
Play all day at King’s Dominion Saturday
Drive through the night
Play all day at Carowinds
Return home by midnight, ready for work the next day

Stay tuned, because we promise great tales and photos of the adventure when we return. Happy adventures to all that will be traveling this weekend. If you are going somewhere soon, let us know in the comments below. Cheers!


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