Photo Essay: The food trucks descend on the northern suburbs


Stalwarts of the burgeoning food truck scene: Portland? Check. Minneapolis? Indeed. New York City? Of course.

But the northern ‘burbs outside of Atlanta, GA? What?

Unbeknownst to me until this past week, Local chefs and their four-wheeled restaurants convene each Friday in a strip-mall parking lot five minutes from my office. The day I learned about the event was indeed a Friday, and I knew I would be skipping a chunk of work that afternoon to check it out.

The scene was small — the showing included five trucks plus an artisan popsicle cart — but the crowd was bustling, with members of the local lunch glitterati handing fistfuls of dollars to ragtag, independent chefs perched in the order windows of their mobile lunch stands.

An exotic trip to Turks and Caicos it was not. But compared to the ham sandwich I typically scarf for Friday lunch, I had an adventure that only cost me about 22 minutes and a few extra bucks.

There is likely an active food truck scene in your city, and if you have not made an experience of it, I suggest you do. Enjoy the photos, and BlinkPack on.








6 thoughts on “Photo Essay: The food trucks descend on the northern suburbs

    • Thanks so much. I am glad you like the photos. I usually shoot with an iPhone, because it is light, easily-packable, and generally with me already. But the cross processing is done in a little piece of software called Snapseed. I hope to write a post about that soon, since a number of people have been asking. Cheers!

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