Foodie Friday: Quiktrip masters the hotdog


When I say, “good hotdog,” what comes to mind? Chicago? Red hots? Half smokes? Little Rhody wieners? I can almost guarantee that no one thought of greasy tube steaks slithering around on heated metal rollers at a gas station.

Quiktrip has long been a friend to travelers, with their comparatively decent gasoline pricing, huge selection of fountain and frozen drinks, drinkable coffee, and speedy checkout clerks. On a recent trip, I ambled into the shop in search of a tall, caffeinated beverage. I barely noticed, in an unassuming corner of the retail space tucked tidily next to the rollers, a veritable salad bar of hotdog toppings.

Even the worst gas station hotdogs may be flanked with the requisite free mustard, ketchup, and relish, and these three obligatory condiments were indeed on the QT bar. But that was just the beginning. Down the line were bins of pickles, sport peppers, tomato slices, Chicago-style bright green relish, pico de gallo, sauerkraut, jalapeño pepper slices, mayonnaise, hot sauce, and celery salt.

A plain hotdog in a bun comes at a cost of $1.29, and two hotdogs may be purchased for two bucks. Either way, chump change in exchange for a full belly. And we’re talking plump, oversized, fatty, heart-attack dogs, with enough customers purchasing to keep them fresh throughout the day.

What do all of these toppings cost? Nothing, nada, zippo. Pile ’em on high and deep. As you can see from the photo, I went to town, smothering my sausages until they were oozing with the works. For two single bills, I was nearly bursting at the seams, not needing to eat again for a full day.

From what I can gather, the hotdog topping bar is available only at select QT locations, so go ye with low expectations, and be ye delightedly surprised should your visited location contain the aforementioned feast. Quicktrip’s hotdog escapade is a clear win for the BlinkPacker, and it is my hope that this beta test becomes a permanent fixture at all locations.

Do you eat gas station hotdogs in a pinch? Any horror stories? Do you think this QT reinvention changes the game?


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