BlinkPack ShortList: The Key West Five

The BlinkPacking blog continues a new featurette in today’s edition of the ShortList. Say you find yourself in a certain city for a handful of hours and want to experience a whole lot more than the airport. Well friends, high-tail it out of the terminal and head for a jolly time — armed with a cornucopia of ideas from the BlinkPack veteran.

The second locale featured in our ShortList is one of the most unique in the country — the Conch Republic, also known by more common nomenclature: Key West.  (Read the first installment, The Boston Five.)

BlinkPack ShortList: The Key West Five

Catch a slice at the Blonde Giraffe
No visit to the Florida Keys would be complete without a taste of key lime pie, featuring local citrus ingredients. This traveler’s opinion is that the best piece of pie on the island can be purchased at the Blond Giraffe on Green Street.

Rent a bike, or moped, or tandem
Driving a car around Key West is like waterskiing with your feet secured to a ping pong table. Bike and moped rentals are easily accessible, and scooting around the island and parking are both infinitely easier aboard two-wheeled vehicles.

Snap the obligatory buoy photo
Hey, it’s kitschy. Get over yourself, and zip down to the southernmost point in the United States for your turn to strike a pose in front of the country’s most famous buoy.

Sunbathe at Fort Zachary Taylor
For a few dollars admission, you can beat the crowds and find a pocket of idyllic serenity at one of the island’s only beachfronts. This little stretch of paradise features plenty of shade from old-growth palm trees and panoramic ocean views.

Take in Mallory Square at sunset
Dubbed the Sunset Celebration, Mallory Square comes alive each evening as the sun cools its belly in the ocean. Key West’s most colorful characters emerge from the woodwork to perform a vast array of  street acts. Bring several one dollar bills. The performers are masters of psychology and have perfected the art of coaxing bills from wallets; better singles than twenties.

If you have been to Key West, did you hit all five on the list? And what are your suggestions for additions make the visit more complete?

2 thoughts on “BlinkPack ShortList: The Key West Five

  1. schooner bar on the warf for a rum and coke to listen to michael mccloud sing about how much he hates all the tourists. and DEFINITELY sloppy joes for conch fritters and sassy bartenders during the day (they’re the best), tip em well and they’ll make sure you have a seat at the bar when the band starts to play (don’t order the liquored up slurpees – bad idea). and even the half shell raw bar for oysters and grouper sandwiches……i could keep going! thanks for stopping by leftovered, we’ll see how it takes off…..weird concept for sure, but i think it’s funny!

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