The BlinkPack Doctor is IN

I admit it: I check the stats of this blog at least daily — sometimes more (a direct correlation with the level of boredom my work projects are causing). The verdict? BlinkPacking is no Lonely Planet, but we are a growing bunch with a handful of new folks joining the ranks each week. That is exciting to a blogosphere noob such as myself, and I hope it makes you feel at least a single neuron fire off an enthusiastic pang as well.

The reason I pore over these posts (and probably the reason you read them) is because there exists a gigantic cohort of folks who join me in wanting to squeeze the very best out of life — ordinary people with a host of circumstances keeping us from doing so.

My whirlwind brand of travel and adventure will adapt to the life situations of some, while others will find my approach to be draining, burdensome, or even plain no-fun-at-all. That’s okay! I am not looking to make a battalion of template BlinkPackers; I want to help my readers acknowledge their limitations, make a plan that works for their lifestyle, and come alive in the adventures that unfold.

Send ’em in.

A new feature on this blog will be called The BlinkPack Doctor. I will feature posts offering advice and brainstorming to those readers who want desperately to get their adventurous side back on the rails but do not know how to begin.

So, send me your worst, your conundrums, your vexes and perplexes. As follows:

Your first name:
What holds you back from adventure:
Logistics and fears aside, name a few adventures that sound exciting to you:

Your submissions will be featured anonymously right here on the BlinkPacking blog. And I will offer some humble ideas of how to put together a life of adventure that works for you. So send in your situation now. There just may be an awesome prize for the first submission.

2 thoughts on “The BlinkPack Doctor is IN

  1. My name is Victoria and the two main things that hold me back from adventure lately are money and scheduling. I love to go ANYwhere that I haven’t been before but my bucket list contains all of the tropical islands I have yet to visit. LOL!

    • Hi Victoria — Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. It would be a lot of fun to feature your comment in a soon-to-be-written edition of the ‘BlinkPack Doctor’. Would you be up for that? If so, maybe fill in a couple of details about why money and scheduling are tight these days, and I would love to post a response on the blog. I’ll even link back to your blog too if you like! Just let me know, and I wish you good journeys.

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