The [subtle] beauty around the bend


Happy BlinkPacking requires redefining expectations. While seeking a quick adventure, if I am banking on encountering epic sights and experiences, I have a good shot at serious disappointment. There are only so many Grand Canyons, Yosemite Valleys, and Niagara Falls-es out there. Anything less may not be known for sock-knocking, but America (and undoubtedly every corner of the globe) is brimming with sites worth seeing, food worth tasting, people worth meeting.

Its a matter of perspective. Biking by a rusted farm truck in north Georgia is decidedly not on my short list. However, on that sublimely crisp afternoon last autumn, this dilapidated, cheery giant seemed to grin at me as I pedaled past. Its grassy perch coaxed me out of the saddle for a quick water break. The breeze was cool against my sticky forehead, the complexities of daily life seemed eons away, and much-needed refreshment was mine.

So, next time you head out for a taste of adventure, the best advice to tuck into your back pocket is this: set the bar low, keep an open mind, and surprise yourself at how much fun you have along the way.


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