Travel Tip Tuesday: The Water Conundrum

Good old water; so delicious, so refreshing, so wet. Adventures of any proportion, from a morning at a new museum to a camp-out in Death Valley, are a lost cause without it.

When putting gear together for a BlinkPack trip, I always packed a large Nalgene bottle filled with water — until recently. I experienced a few frustrations with the large Lexan cylinder:

  1. A reusable bottle is bulky, taking too much real estate in my backpack.
  2. A filled Nalgene bottle adds a chunk of weight to a backpack that will be aboard my shoulders for most of the day.
  3. Because Nalgene bottles are expensive, I feel the need to keep track of it.

A solution that works well is to buy a bottle of Dasani water. I think bottled water is a ripoff, but the container itself is a worthy gear purchase at a buck fifty. Yes, any resealable, disposable bottle of water will do, but the Dasani bottle has a nice cone shape that wedges easily between a full backpack’s contents. For most urban adventures, a Dasani bottle is enough sustenance to get its owner to the next water fountain. The package’s pointy opening is often easier to refill at a water fountain than a wide-topped reusable container, and it is not a huge loss if it is left behind on the metro.

5 thoughts on “Travel Tip Tuesday: The Water Conundrum

  1. Personally, I’m a fan of the Snapple bottle. It has similar capacity, boasts a moderately-sized top, and is made from thick glass, which is a bit more eco-friendly and doesn’t have that plasticky taste.

      • That’s one of the risks of going glass, but Snapple bottles are so thick that I think it would take intentional impact to break them. Of course, a big part of BlinkPacking is accounting for worst-case scenarios, so maybe it would be a good idea to carry the bottle in an outside pocket just in case.

  2. Great tips — I too am not at all a fan of bottled water. I’ve been using the Deer Park bottles recently, but only because we’ve had those around from other things. Something I’ve found recently that I’m intrigued with are the Vapur bottles, the plastic foldable water bottles. I’m still not completely sold (I’ve heard they’re not really durable, etc.), but I like the idea of them.

    • Vapur looks intriguing. Definitely a little more ‘ouch’ if you accidentally leave one behind, but I like the idea of a water bottle taking up less space as its contents are consumed. Worth a try — thanks for the lead.

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