BlinkPacking Pack List

Deuter Backpack

When on a BlinkPacking trip, I usually do not have a hotel or other place to stay; I usually sleep on overnight buses and catch a few zzz’s in public parks. That means I have to carry all of my belongings with me as I run around the area I am visiting. Even a light backpack starts to feel heavy after a few hours, so I do everything I can to minimize the haul.

For most quick BlinkPacking adventures not involving camping, here is my pack list:

In the backpack – Deuter AC Lite 18:

  • Lightweight travel blanket
  • Small travel pillow (considering an inflatable model)
  • Extra t-shirt
  • Extra pair of wicking boxers
  • Extra pair of wicking socks
  • Lightweight rain poncho
  • Toothbrush
  • Travel toothpaste
  • Small tube of travel shampoo
  • Bottle of water (disposable / easily replaceable)
  • A snack
  • iPhone / charger / earbuds
  • RX Sunglasses
  • Extra credit card and $20 in cash (in case the wallet gets tragically separated from my pocket)

On my person:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts or Pants (weather dependent)
  • NO belt — way too uncomfortable on the bus
  • Athletic / wicking socks
  • Wicking boxers
  • Sturdy shoes for walking / running /biking / climbing / whatever adventures may present themselves
  • Glasses
  • Wallet with license, credit/debit cards, and $20 cash

With the items on this short list, I have embarked on four-day / three-night BlinkPacking trips and in want of nothing. Even this pack list could be simplified a great deal, though each BlinkPacker must find a balance between creature comforts and weight savings.

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