Quick tips for finding famous regional eats



On a recent BlinkPack to Memphis, I only had time to try one restaurant, so I knew I better make it count. Thanks to the unbelievably handy iPhone + Yelp App combo, I landed a mouthful of Gus’s spicy fried chicken, every bite of which was worthy of its ‘World Famous’ moniker. This brick chicken shack was only one block off of Main Street, but I never would have stumbled upon it on my own.

A few quick tips for ferreting out the best of local fare on your next BlinkPacking adventure:

  1. Check roadfood.com for a searchable index of regional specialties. This site identifies famous eateries and even offers ‘must-eat’ menu tips for each establishment.
  2. Use the ‘search near me’ feature on a smartphone Yelp app to find highly rated establishments, and look for locations with 40 or more reviews.
  3. Stop into a Post Office or fire station and ask for a recommendation.
  4. While BlinkPacking, never, ever, EVER waste precious time eating at a national chain.

I can still taste the stunning trifecta of bubbly-skinned chicken, snappy coleslaw, and molasses beans — a perfect meal that all too easily could have kowtowed to grilled cow bits from the behemoth arches.


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